Uptown Storage, LLC

1331 10th Ave , Columbus, GA 31901
Current Customers: 706.323.7474

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3 Stars - 4 Reviews
November 24, 2021
Horrible customer service. Patrick Dixon RUDE!!!
Johnathan Jackson
October 30, 2021
The guy with the little ponytail that talks and walks feminine. His customer service is horrible and talks reckless and I will never rent from here until he is gone. He is just rude disrespectful towards kids ad elderly aunt. I wish something is done about this because I actually like the units and prices just he makes it to where I just can't sign a lease through him.
how do you pay your bill on line?
September 4, 2017
how do you use the online bill pay?
No Privacy
B. Bettger
May 22, 2017
Owners issue you a lock - you are not allowed to use your own. They open and "inspect" your facility any time they want - even though the contract specifically states that they can only do so upon suspicion of hazardous materials. If they find it empty, even if you still have time left on your lease, they remove their lock and replace/rerent the facility to someone else. Office smelled like vomit and no one there even with "open" sign on at 10am in the morning. Only use this facility if you have nothing valuable and don't care about your personal belongings.
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